Call of Duty 2012 reveal happening May 1st

This year's entry to the Call of Duty franchise will be unveiled on May 1st during the NBA playoffs on TNT, Activision has revealed via the franchise's official website. While unconfirmed, it's likely that Treyarch is working on this year's iteration, given the pattern of alternating development duties established in 2007 with Call of Duty 3. This will be the ninth main entry in the Call of Duty franchise. As pointed out by One of Swords, Treyarch "chimed in on Twitter shortly after the site went live," making it all the more likely that the Black Ops studio is involved. Rumors have pegged this year's Call of Duty as a direct sequel to Black Ops. Certainly, this teaser image is reminiscent of the marketing campaign for the 2011 shooter.

'Dude with gun in background' seems to be the motif of the Black Ops series