Nintendo 3DS game patch support coming

In ye oldene dayes, if a console game was broken, it was stuck that way forever. Or, in the case of the Nintendo 3DS, in ye moderne dayes too. Not for much longer, though, as the handheld is getting support for game patches in a firmware update this week.

Mario Kart 7 is the lucky first game promised a patch, arriving in mid-May to "resolve shortcut exploits." You've only got a few more weeks to use that Wuhu Mountain glitch then, you cheeky little cheat.

Good news for those with a messy home screen, too, as the update will add the ability to create folders to organize your gubbins. It'll also add recommendations in the eShop, if you want to spend money but have nothing in mind to spend it on.

The 3DS firmware update is due to arrive on Wednesday, April 25.