Grimrock patch allows character art import

The popular old-school dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock's new 1.1.4 patch hit servers over the weekend with a laundry list of changes, but one unannounced feature among the numerous bug fixes and upgrades came as a welcome surprise: The ability to import character portraits.

While the portraits in the game was quite nice to begin with, players can now add their own custom art, or even art from previous games, such as Dungeon Master or Baldur's Gate (if you are impatient for the enhanced edition). Other welcome additions include a quick save and quick load feature, volume sliders and allowing ESC to close your character sheet.

While many players recall their time with Dungeon Master as a reason for enjoyment, I've found it rekindled my fond memories of Bard's Tale on my old Amiga. Either way, the updated graphics and old-school game play have made the game a success for developer Almost Human, which has already recouped its development costs less than a week after launch.