Chatty: Dark Souls, Fez

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valcan_s has hope for Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition after discovering the first officially released screenshots, but Opticom absolutely stomps those dreams into the dirt after discovering the PC version will have less than desirable specifications, including Games for Windows Live.

mwasher stays up the entire night playing World of Tanks. Once World of Warplanes and World of Battleships launch, he might not get much sleep.

Does Fez live up to it's much-hyped expectations? Ecks doesn't think so, and plenty of other Shackers agree with him. Did you like it?

Tribes: Ascend launches, and Dr.Waffles wants to know why you aren't playing. Possibly because we're too busy arguing over editorial scores in that thread. Have you played it at all?

eonix describes a rigorous interview he had with Valve Software two years ago, discussing the many different things he brought away from the interview, and how it has motivated him to change his perspective. Still curious as to what goes on behind the scenes in development studios? Godhatesfatpeople has something for you.

The Warp Zone

Welcome to The Warp Zone, where the posts are crazy and the lols don't matter.

JohnnyRey has an issue with Chipotle, and isn't going to take it any more! The only thing that could possibly make this worse is if Chipotle was owned by Notch.

Fred Garvin discovers the glorious IKEA home entertainment system.

NFXFSX and other Shackers watch Robbaz, King of Sweden, sterilize the entirety of Nazi Germany in Sniper Elite V2.

Poor Yurik has a four-step solution to eradicate any ant problem, now and forever.