Sony Santa Monica hiring for vehicular shooter

Sony's Santa Monica Studio has been rather busy as of late. The team has collaborated on a number of PlayStation 3 releases, including Twisted Metal, Journey, and the upcoming Starhawk. In addition, the studio is developing God of War: Ascension. But apparently, that's not all for Sony's first-party studio. A new job listing from the developer points to a shooter that features vehicles.

"Sony Santa Monica Studio is hiring for an unannounced new IP," the posting proclaims. The studio is seeking a Senior Combat Designer that has "experience working with, developing or designing for a 1st and/or 3rd person shooter." Additionally, "experience working with, developing or designing vehicle combat in a game is also a plus."

While Santa Monica could be hiring for a PlayStation 3 title, one has to wonder if it's wise to start development on a new IP so late into the console's life. Could this be a game for Sony's next home console? Or perhaps, could it be a Vita title?