Sony patents strange Move peripheral

The PlayStation Move is a bizarre little device to start with, with its glowing ball and tiny buttons. But Sony has found how to make it way weirder, with an add-on peripheral that makes it resemble a large wheel and change shape like a Transformer. For some reason.

PlayStation Lifestyle uncovered the patent, first filed almost a year ago. It has an odd avian shape, but the "wings" can be lifted make handlebars. If we had to guess, we'd say the idea was to make a dual-purpose design for a racing game like MotorStorm, which features both cars and bikes.

Even so, the design looks so outright goofy that we can't imagine it coming to market. Especially now that it's been exposed (and promptly laughed at) on the Internet, Sony will probably stuff it in the closet of unused patents, right next to the eroding game demos and sweat-sensing DualShock.