Weekend Confirmed 109 - Prey 2, Trials Evolution, Fez, God of War: Ascension

By Garnett Lee, Apr 20, 2012 11:00am PDT

There's no two ways around it, the run to E3 has started. Big news leads off this episode of Weekend Confirmed with Sony announcing a new God of War game in the works for PlayStation 3. One of last year's E3 surprises, Prey 2, also finds its way into the news with word of a delay as rumors swirl around its development. Screen Tear host Carlos Rodela joins the two Jeff's and Garnett as they tackles these stories along with more love for Fez and plenty of enthusiasm for the finger-melting action of Trials Evolution. There's even some board game love worked in there before Finishing Moves brings it all home.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 109: 04/20/2012

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  • I like a little board game talk. Board games are making all kinds of strides with new mechanics and game play, and parallels can be drawn to the video game world quite easily. In fact, it might be said that board games are outpacing video games in the development of new ideas, at least in the past couple of years. I have a number of friends that would have laughed at the idea of spending an evening playing a complex board game that now talk about them more than the video games they are playing.

    Jeff mentioned www.boardgamegeek.com. The site is definitely a great resource to learn about board games, not only about what games are popular but how to play them correctly and effectively. Many of the games' designers are active participants in the forums, describing exactly how/why they implemented elements of the game, and also taking feedback into consideration in developing alternative rules and moving into other projects. This is something that we would love to be able to do for many of our favorite video games, but don't necessarily have the opportunity or access to accomplish.

    For those wanting to get started with board games, I would recommend the following "Golden Path":

    Start with Settlers of Catan and/or Ticket to Ride. Both play much like traditional board games, but quickly accelerate into strategy elements that are accessible and unlike what most people are expecting. Both games also allow 4-6 players to get involved, and you will find that just about any person will have a good time, whether they are familiar with games/gaming in general or into strategy planning. These are games that your grandparents can sit and play and actually enjoy.

    The next phase should involve Quarriors and Dominion. They have similar themes in game mechanics, where Quarriors uses a dice building mechanism and Dominion uses a card/deck building mechanism. Dominion is by far a deeper game, with many variations and expansions. Quarriors is good for a short playing session and is easier to play from a rules standpoint, and involves battling monsters that you buy/collect. Jeff mentioned Dominion, and just about every person I've ever introduced to the game has been hooked. It might take 3-4 games, and someone giving some general gist of the strategy, before it really clicks, but when it does, look out! The theme of Dominion is buying provinces and colonies to accumulate points, which takes a steady growth of your wealth and card power to accelerate into the finish.

    On the highest level I would recommend Agricola and Mage Knight. At this point you will need some experience playing these kinds of games to even get started, as the rules are intense to work through at first (but once familiar make perfect sense). Both games combine a number of elements from the above-mentioned games in wonderful ways. Agricola can be thought of as a farm-building game, and Mage Knight as a Dungeons and Dragons-esque role-playing game. The level of variety in game play is amazing, and neither will get stale for some time to come. The drawbacks here are that too many players slow down the game too much; in fact, both games have excellent solo options that many people enjoy just as much as multiplayer!

    Of course, there are many other classics that I'm leaving out, but with a game closet holding the ones I mentioned you are set for a long time.

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