Dark Souls port specs disappoint PC fans

From Software and Namco Bandai are finally bringing their special brand of brutality to PC with Dark Souls: Prepare to Die. The PC port is fulfilling a long-time request of PC fans, but more and more it seems like a very direct port -- and that's upsetting fans who see more potential in the game.

In an interview in Famitsu (via DSO Gaming), director Hidetaka Miyazaki stated outright that the game wouldn't be seeing upgrades to its resolution or FPS. "Yes, It's basically a faithful port," he said. "There's no change to the resolution. The frame rate won't be 60 FPS." To be clear, the resolution bit refers to upscaled assets, not monitor resolution sizes.

Obviously, the PC version would be capable of much more, but From Software doesn't seem keen on taking full advantage of the hardware. PC fans have been registering their displeasure at the news, but this may be difficult to change. While the developer recently indicated it was receptive to changing from GFW Live after PC fans complained, higher resolution textures and FPS is a larger time and money investment. Unless From expects hefty sales from the PC port, it might not be worth their while.