PSP game-based exploits on PS Vita (mostly) closed

A mild hacking kerfuffle surrounding a couple of PSP games that enabled hacking exploits on the PlayStation Vita has been mostly quashed by Sony today. The two downloadable titles--MotorStorm Arctic Edge and Hot Shots Tennis--had been removed from the PS Store by Sony after it was discovered that both games could be exploited to run unsigned code on the PlayStation Vita.

The Escapist reports that today, both games are again available for download, sans exploits. The exploits previously allowed users to run a program called VHBL, which basically allowed folks to run emulators and homebrew games. Sony yanked the games out of the PlayStation Store and then rolled out firmware version 1.67, which closed the exploits.

While MotorStorm Arctic Edge and Hot Shots Tennis have been patched, the folks at have discovered a similar exploit for yet another PSP game; a title which they're keeping secret at the moment. In any event, it looks like they've already got Doom up and running on a PS Vita, post 1.67 firmware update.