Gotham City Impostors adding new map, mode

Gotham City Impostors received a fairly positive reception, especially from yours truly. But the game is aging, so how is developer Monolith going to keep the game fresh? By pushing out another free update, with includes a new map and game mode.

The announcement doesn't include a release date, and merely promises those details will be coming soon. The update will include a new "East End" map, and a game mode called "Bounty Hunter." In the new mode, fallen Impostors drop coins that can be collected by the opposing team for a temporary buff, or by your own team to keep the enemy from having the satisfaction. Plus, you'll be able to pick French, German, Italian, and Spanish voice options.

The last update was released in February with a new map and several new costumes and equipment. By comparison this update seems a bit smaller, and took longer.

Check out the trailer for a look at the features.