Splash Damage goes mobile with RAD Soldiers

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink developer Splash Damage is wading into mobile waters with intriguing asynchronous turn-based tactical affair RAD Soldiers. The game cheerily described as "Guns With Friends" will be the first from WarChest, a new publisher of free games set up by Splash Damage's founders.

The free-to-play iOS game gives you a customisable squad of class-based mercenaries to battle across London for control of McGuffin Rockets. Like Words With Friends, it's asynchronous, so you simply queue your turn up, send it off, then go about your day and wait for your opponent to respond. There's singleplayer too if you want it, though. Hit the official site for more.

There'll be an in-game store selling soldier unlocks, customisation options and equipment, which accepts coins earned whilst playing but will doubtless be an avenue of monetisation too.

WarChest is a new free games publisher formed by Splash Damage founders Paul Wedgwood and Richard Jolly. RAD Soldiers is the only game announced so far, but it has PC-exclusive and console titles in the pipeline too.

RAD Soldiers is also tapping a third company set up by Wedgewood and Jolly, recently-formed online services provider Fireteam, for mysterious cross-platform gubbins.

In related news that'll make you let out a nostalgic sigh, Splash Damage has told Gamasutra that it's parted ways with id Software engines, and will be using Epic's Unreal Engine from here on.

Look, here's some RAD Soldiers:

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