Spring Indie Royale bundle launches, includes Unstoppable Gorg

Another Indie Royale bundle has been unleashed upon us. While I've heard some grumbles complaining of indie bundle over-saturation in the past few months, these bundles are still one of the better ways to get a hold of some great games at a low cost. Indie Royale's latest "Spring Bundle" includes six games: three from Crossfire developer radiangames, alongside Unstoppable Gorg (shown above), Tobe's Vertical Adventure, and Depths of Peril.

As usual, the Spring Bundle carries with it a "pay what you want" motif, provided you meet the minimum price (which at the time of this post is hovering around $5).

Futuremark's tower defense game, Unstoppable Gorg, is included, as is the obviously vertical (and cute) platformer, Tobe's Vertical Adventure by Secret Base. The Diablo-like RPG Depths of Peril by Soldak Entertainment has also made the cut.

Developer radiangames has been making some of the best action titles available on Xbox Live Indie Games for quite a while, so it's nice to see three more of its stable of games available for PC and Mac. Action games Inferno+ and Ballistic, as well as the puzzle game Slydris, are also participants in the Spring Bundle.

Unstoppable Gorg and Depths of Peril can be grabbed via Steam and Desura or as separate downloads for Windows and Mac, Tobe's Vertical Adventure can be activated via Steam, and the three titles from radiangames are available via Desura or as PC/Mac downloads. Those paying at least $5 (or the currency equivalent) will also get a free copy of Danimal Cannon's acclaimed chiptune music album Roots.

Interested parties can head on over to the Indie Royal website to place an order.