Conan gives Halo 4 the late-nite treatment

A tiny bit of Halo 4 footage was revealed near the end of the rather lengthy comedy segment that aired on Conan last night. It's really just a few seconds of the segment where we get to see the game in action, but hey, new Halo 4 footage, amirite?

The footage--which runs just over nine minutes--centers on show host Conan O'Brien as he interviews franchise director Frank O'Connor and executive producer Kiki Wolfkill. As you'd expect, the trio is soon joined by co-host Andy Richter. Don't expect hard hitting questions attempting to unearth the secrets and surprises awaiting eventual Halo 4 players.

IGN also makes note of a "gray box" render from the single-player campaign that also appears in the clip, which shows a hanger-like environment filled with Pelican-class ships.