SunFlowers is new Vita game from Flying Hamster dev

The Flying Hamster is one of the rare gems of the Minis platform on PlayStation Network. Developed by The Game Atelier, The Flying Hamster featured adorable art and solid gameplay mechanics. The French studio is trying to hit it big yet again with their next release, a PSN release made specifically for the PS Vita.

SunFlowers is a puzzle game where you try to grow plants by controlling the sun. It's also one of the first Vita games played vertically, not horizontally.

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SunFlowers promises to use every function of the Vita. For example, you'll be able to share flowers with friends directly or via Near. You'll also be able to shake the system to get rid of blowing leaves. It's still unclear how the game will use the touch panels and cameras.

The Game Atelier did not provide a release date for the game.