Grim Dawn turns to Kickstarter for more funding

When Titan Quest developer Iron Lore shut down, several former members joined up to found Crate Entertainment and make their own action-RPG, named Grim Dawn. After more than two years of development, Crate today turned to the oh-so-trendy Kickstarter for a cash injection to help cross the finishing line.

"While we could still finish a fine little game on our own, that would be rough around the edges but very fun, we believe there is a much greater potential that could be realized if we were more adequately funded and staffed," Crate explains on the Kickstarter project page. "So we're hoping you can help give us some proper funding so that we can get the team together, start making faster progress and ultimately release a bigger, better game for you and everyone else."

Pledging at least $18 will get you a downloadable copy of Grim Dawn when it's finished, DRM-free or for Steam, and an exclusive in-game accessory. At least $100 gets you a boxed special edition, while the tiered rewards for larger pledges go all the way up to naming something in-game or designing your own side-quest.

This isn't the first time Crate has turned to fans to fund Grim Dawn, though, as it's sold several tiers of pre-orders for years. Alpha and beta access were offered as perks, but the game has yet to hit alpha. If you've supported Grim Dawn in this way before, you can chip in a few extra bucks to transfer that reward to a higher Kickstarter tier.