The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition launches

At the tolling of the witching hour last night, CD Projekt RED released the 'Enhanced Edition' patch for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings on PC to herald the launch of its Xbox 360 edition today. All the shiny new things made for consoleers, including hours of new content, have been patched in for PCnauts too.

Along with new quests taking an estimated four hours to complete, new areas, characters, and hours of cutscenes, today's patch brings bags of fixes and improvements. All for free, because CD Projekt RED are a bit lovely. Have a gander at the additions in the trailer below.

The Steam version will update automatically, while you can update it on GOG through the launcher, with a downloader, or by manually downloading 36 parts.

To celebrate the launch, there's a 15%-off sale on TW2 at GOG and Steam, bringing it down to $42.49. GOG's letting everyone who owns The Witcher 2 on PC add the game to their GOG account, so they can download it DRM-free whenever they fancy, no matter where they bought it. GOG's also got 50% off the original Witcher, making it $4.99.

Shacknews voted The Witcher 2 our 2011 Game of the Year on PC, so Xbox 360 players who are just getting into this today are in for a real treat.

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