FarmVille 2 in the works, domain registration and resume hint

FarmVille is the poster child of the modern social games boom. While it may not be singularly responsible for Zynga's meteoric rise, the game has managed to turn millions of Facebook viewers into a whole new type of "gamer."

Zynga has dabbled in sequels before, as evidenced by Mafia Wars 2's release. But, could a sequel to their most iconic property be in the works?

Internet sleuth Superannuation discovered mention of the project on copywriter Alex Harvey's resume. (It's since been updated to remove references to the sequel.) While that alone may not be much to go on, the farmville2.com URL has seen a flurry of activity lately. Ownership of the domain moved from a squatter in Turkey to MarkMonitor, the registrar that handles Zynga's properties. The move happened as recently as yesterday.

While a sequel to FarmVille seems likely at this point, the company refused to offer comment, telling Joystiq that it does not comment on "rumors and speculation."