Rune sequel being considered

A sequel to the cult action game Rune may happen after all. So far we only have a few vague teases to go on, but that's at least a sign that developer Human Head is weighing the possibility.

"We are considering a sequel to the cult hit classic Rune!" reads a note on the game's Facebook page. A poll also asks for the preferred platform, and unsurprisingly PC/Mac is in the lead by a wide margin. Consoles are in a distant second, followed by mobile devices in third place. No one wants to play Rune as a web browser game, apparently; it's in fourth place with zero votes.

This doesn't mean we'll see Rune 2, of course, but Human Head must be looking at its next projects as it starts to wrap up Prey 2. Gauging interest is the first step to making it happen, so let them know if you'd plunk down your money for more Rune.