Police Warfare Kickstarter underway

Titled "Police Warfare," the multiplayer shooter from Elastic Games lets players step into the LAPD SWAT team, or an armed gunman trying to score a heist. It's also seeking funding from Kickstarter.

Police Warfare aims to be similar to Battlefield 1943, as a downloadable multiplayer shooter with plenty of depth for those who put in the time. Both the police and thieves will have access to various types of special equipment, including rappelling ropes, helicopters for quick entry, taser guns and mines, tear gas, and bomb squad robots.

You'll choose between the Assault, Sniper, or Support classes, and backers of $100 or more get a "secret class" with its own specialized weapon kit. The modes sound akin to Battlefield as well. Heist Mode is similar to Rush Mode, and Warzone is standard control point conflict. Check out the debut trailer below.

The Kickstarter project is aiming to hit $325,000 by Friday, May 18. As of the time of writing, it's gained almost $15,000. If the project exceeds its planned funding goal, the developers hope to make more maps, weapons, and console releases.