Dragon's Dogma demo confirmed for next week

Capcom's open-world action-RPG Dragon's Dogma looks jolly interesting, so how splendid that it's getting a demo before launch. That'll arrive on Xbox 360 and PlayStation on Tuesday, April 24, Capcom confirmed today. As mentioned before, it'll let you try two classes across two missions.

The first demo mission is from the prologue, Capcom explains on its blog, sending you through underground tunnels as a Fighter to take on a Chimera. Then there's a mission as the rogue-like Strider class, pitting you against a Griffin in open fields. You can play with the character customization to make your own character and main Pawn (NPC buddy), then import their looks in the main game when it launches.

Dragon's Dogma is scheduled for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on May 22. Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi recently told 1UP, "If the PC users out there really are vocal about having this game, then we can definitely consider it." There's a PC support thread on the Capcom forums if you fancy making some noise.

Here's what you can expect from that naughty Chimera:

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