Star Wars: The Old Republic expanding free time offer

Looking increasingly desperate, or perhaps considerate, BioWare has expanded its offer of 30 days free game time for Star Wars: The Old Republic players. Initially only offered to those with a character that's hit the level cap of 50, the free time will now be given to those who've hit level 6 in SWTOR's new Legacy system.

The Legacy system tracks levels across all of a player's characters. In a forum thread, BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk gave these examples of players who'd get their free 30 days:

A pair of characters Level 45 and 42

A trio of characters of Levels 45, 32 and 32

A bunch of characters Levels 35, 33, 31, 29 and 20

A single 50th level character that has enjoyed the endgame for a brief time

The deadline has also been extended, so you'll have until April 22 at 9am Pacific to reach Legacy level 6 if you want fancy some freebies.