Legend of Grimrock sales have covered dev costs, patch coming

Amidst all this hullabaloo over Kickstarter projects reviving beloved vintage gaming franchises, Finnish indie Almost Human released its own original classic genre revival last week, Legend of Grimrock. Evidently there's still plenty of interest in ye olde gamese, and the retro-inspired dungeon crawler earned back far more than its development costs within two days. So what's next? First of all, a patch.

"The development costs of the game have now been covered many times over so the future of the company seems pretty secure," Almost Human said in a blog post. "So, everyone who has bought our game and supported us, you have our gratitude!"

The team's working away on a patch, which will bring fixes for bugs, exploits, and other issues.

If you buy Grimrock now, the 10% launch bonus is still in effect, so it'll only cost you $13.49. It's available on Steam, direct from Almost Human (who'll also give you a Steam key), and on GOG.