Crysis 3 formally announced, urban jungle unveiled

EA let the cat out of the bag a little early with Crysis 3, but this morning issued a formal announcement, complete with the first screenshots. Arriving in Spring 2013, it'll send Prophet into a New York City become quite literally an urban jungle, where, yes, he will be breaking out his bow-and-arrow. Crysis 3 takes place within the New York City Liberty Dome, a 'Nanodrome' created by that naughty Cell Corporation. It's split into different environments, with rivers, swamps, rocky canyons, grasslands and ruddy great trees filling The Big Grapple. Within, you'll shoot men and aliens, using both guns and that cheeky composite bow. This being video games, there are perks for pre-ordering, upgrading consumers to the limited 'Hunter Edition' for free. This packs an XP head-start in multiplayer, plus early access to the bow, an exclusive bow skin, and other gubbins. There are retailer-exclusive early unlocks too. Check out the official site for more information. The first trailer's due next week, but we have a few screenshots to tide you over. Say, perhaps it'll use some of the fancy Cryengine 3.4 features Crytek was showing off last week.

Ho ho, watch out alien robot, ho ho, or you might, ho ho, take an arrow to, ho ho, the knee, ho ho.