Pokemon Black & White 2 promises new setting, characters

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 carry the dubious distinction of being the first main series Pokemon games to carry a numbered sequel. The announcement even called them "Version 2," so it's fair to wonder how much new content will be included. Some new details from a Japanese magazine shed more light on that subject.

Coro Coro Comics (via Andriasang) reveals that character Akuroma, a mysterious Pokemon researcher. The game will also introduce new gym leaders, two of which were detailed in the magazine. Homika will focus on poison-type Pokemon, while Shizui is a water-type master.

The game features a new area called Hiougi City, to the south of the Isshu region. The game will be set in that region like the original Black and White, so we may see some locations repeat. The game is due on June 23 in Japan, and later this fall in North America.