Mass Effect 3 patch results in Xbox 360 crashing bugs

After a full month and plenty of shrugging resignation, a patch to fix your Shepard's face in Mass Effect 3 finally hit on Monday. But you know what they say: mo' patches, mo' problems. (Yeah, I know no one says that.)

OXM reports that various users across the BioWare forums and other online avenues are complaining that the patch not only failed to fix the face importing bug, but has seemingly created a new bug that can cause the game to crash. A separate thread on the BioWare forums promises the company is "investigating" the crashing issue, and invites feedback from those who have experienced it.

These reports are explicitly about the Xbox 360 version of the game, mind you, and we haven't seen widespread reports of the crashing bug on other platforms. But maybe that's what you get for not fixing your face the good old-fashioned way, with the help of a licensed plastic surgeon.