Dragon Ball Z for Kinect announced, coming October

The Dragon Ball franchise has delivered so many wonderful memes, mostly centered around the characters' penchant for dramatic poses and shouting loudly at each other. That's why we're so excited about Dragon Ball Z for Kinect. Namco Bandai announced the project, which will be available on Xbox 360 this October.

Players will have to learn how to deliver over 100 moves, "including the legendary Kamehameha with their own fists." Yes, you too will be able to do this in the comfort of your own home:

In addition to the 50 playable characters, the game will also debut a brand new character created for the game. There will also be new anime footage debuting in the US for the first time. QR codes can be scanned to unlock additional characters and power-ups.

"There's going to be no better feeling in the world for fans of the Dragon Ball Z series than standing in front of their screens and unleashing their own fists and raging blasts upon enemies with this game," Namco Bandai VP Carlson Choi said in the announcement. Obviously, Namco Bandai expects to sell a lot of copies of the game. How many?