BioWare 'falsely advertised' Mass Effect 3, Better Business Bureau concludes

Mass Effect 3's ending has caused such a stir that BioWare and Electronic Arts are preparing an "Extended Cut" that offers "further clarity to the ending of Mass Effect 3" and "deeper insights into how their personal journey concludes." Some have argued that the ending of Mass Effect 3 didn't properly reflect choices made along the three game adventure--a point that the Better Business Bureau concedes is false advertising.

"Did BioWare falsely advertise?," a BBB.org blog post asks. "Technically, yes, they did."

The problem comes from the language used during the game's marketing. A statement like the following is seen as an "absolute"--essentially a promise that offers "no indecision."

Experience the beginning, middle, and end of an emotional story unlike any other, where the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome.

Of course, by offering the Extended Cut DLC for free, BioWare is not only trying to make amends with fans, but is rectifying an issue that could be construed as an undelivered promise. Speaking at Penny Arcade Expo, developers emphasized that the new content will feel like the endings are more personal. "In general we wanted to give the players a sense of personalization with the endings," BioWare producer Mike Gamble said. "Many people mentioned that some of the choices they made in the game are not necessarily reflected in the ending scenes. We're definitely going to focus on things like that."