Bethesda re-releasing Quake 4 on Xbox 360

Bethesda is continuing to get its ducks in a row, with the announcement today that it will be re-releasing Quake 4 to retail. The Xbox 360 launch title will come from its new publisher on June 19 for $19.99.

The official details, including European countries that will get the re-release, can be found on the Bethesda Blog. So why is Bethesda putting out a seven-year-old game at a budget price? Originally, Quake 4 was published by Activision, back when developer id Software wasn't tied down. Now that Bethesda has snatched up the studio, it's been keen to put its mark on its new property. The studio re-released Doom for Xbox Live Arcade earlier this year too.

For what it's worth, Quake 4 got a generally positive reception back when it was released. A game from 2005 might not hold up perfectly, but for a budget price you could probably do worse.