Qore digital magazine ends, no PS+ replacement in sight

Qore, PS3's monthly digital video game "magazine," has abruptly ended. The April 2012 issue, which debuted on the PlayStation Store yesterday, will be the last issue ever produced.

The magazine was produced in conjunction with Future, which has been struggling as of late. It's unclear why production was suspended, but it's likely the company's shaky finances contributed to Qore's downfall.

While subscriptions were initially offered for $25 a year, Qore was eventually rolled into the PlayStation Plus service. Members were able to gain early and free access to the video content. We contacted Sony about whether or not a new membership bonus will replace this benefit. Unfortunately, the answer is no.

"We don't have a replacement for the subscription benefit at this time," a Sony representative told us. "PlayStation Plus continues to provide tons of free games, huge discounts as well as exclusive access and offers every month, and we're always looking to add additional benefits to the subscription."

The current (and final) issue of Qore includes a retrospective on the the nearly four years of the magazine's run. In addition, it will include access to the Qore Ultimate Arcade, a compilation of eleven mini games included in the series.