Dungeonbowl spinning off from Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl developer Cyanide is flexing its Games Workshop license again, taking that violent sport underground to play with strange new rules in dingy dungeons. Yes, daft wizards have put their heads together and come up with the sport of Dungeonbowl.

Dungeonbowl takes the basic turn-based, dice-rolling Blood Bowl rules, Cyanide explains (Blue's News), but plays out in winding dungeons. The ball is hidden in one of six chests--five of which are booby-trapped--and the first team to find it and score wins the entire match.

Dungeonbowl also shakes the teams up a little, with each being composed of three different races. The Rainbow Wizards team, for example, boasts Wood Elves, Halflings and Humans. You see, all these merry larks are part of a competition organised between the Magic Colleges.

Dungeonbowl is due to be released on PC by June, during the second quarter of the year.