Old Republic Legacy 1.2 update hits tomorrow

Remember when Leia "knew" she was related to Luke, brother and sister separated across the stars? All your Star Wars: The Old Republic alts can get that same feeling when you are able to "relate" them through the new Legacy system in update 1.2, which finally comes out tomorrow.

The system will allow players to link characters in a family tree system so your Imperial Agent is the long lost cousin of your Jedi Knight, who is the son of your Sith warrior, in true Vader fashion. As a family, your characters will be able to unlock new items and abilities over time, according to the SWTOR update page.

Also part of the update will be "The Lost Island," a new Flashpoint that is set after Kaon Under Siege. Players will group up to fight on an island in Ord Mantell to kill whoever was responsible for unleashing the malicious Rakghoul virus on the Tion Hegemony.

The planet Denova has become the center of a major battle, as a new Warzone and Operation: Explosive Conflict will be added. Finally, in a bow to player requests, the update will add new UI customizations, end-game crafting, guild banks and combat logs.

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