Nexuiz PC beta starts today, keys limited

Nexuiz hit Xbox Live Arcade as part of the Xbox Live House Party. Now it's set for PC, with new bells and whistles. Of note, the PC beta test starts today.

The announcement warns that the beta keys are limited and being given on a first-come, first-served basis. If you're interested, you can sign up at Alienware Arena. Phase 1 is already underway, which includes the Vigor, Station, and Crash maps. Phase 2 starts tomorrow, bringing a few more features and three more maps. Phase 3 will begin on April 14, with yet more maps and features, but if you're in the beta already you're in for all of the phases.

The PC version is set to launch on May 3. It will include dedicated server support, DX11 support, custom controls, a new HUD, and a 15% increase in player speed to suit the platform. It will cost $9.99, and Steam pre-orders will get a 10% discount.

"PC is the home of the arena shooter," said Illfonic creative director Kedhrin Gonzalez, in the announcement. "We've been working hard to make the PC version of Nexuiz the best we can, and add the features and support that the discerning PC audience expects. This beta will help us fine tune our online service, and we hope players will have a blast with it."