Fans choose new WoW Monopoly pieces

There are plenty of iconic images from the World of Warcraft game and lore. I can come up with at least 25 off the top of my head. So when it came time for Blizzard to choose which icons would be best suited as playing pieces for the upcoming Monopoly World of Warcraft board game, they narrowed it down to 10 and then asked the players to narrow it down to six. focalbox


After collecting 50,000 votes on its Facebook page, Blizzard announced the six pieces that will be included when the game is released in May. Murky, Mechagnome, Magni Bronzebeard's hammer, the flying boot (symbolic of the Flightmaster on maps), the hearthstone, and a corehound pup were the winners. Those that didn't make the cut were the blacksmith's anvil, the spellbook, Chen's Keg and the treasure chest. The game will sell for $39.99 when it comes out, and will follow traditional Monopoly rules. Gone are Boardwalk and St. James Avenue and in their place are the likes of Twilight Highlands and Terokkar Forest. Even the dice with have Alliance and Horde themes. My favorites are Murky and Mechagnome, but then I favored those pets in the game.