Halo 4 getting Spartan Ops mode, losing Firefight

The next issue of Game Informer magazine has yet to hit newsstands, but some folks have apparently managed to secure an early copy, and with it, a slew of juicy Halo 4 multiplayer details contained therein. A wide array of information is included in the report, including light details on a Spartan Ops mode as well as the removal of the Firefight mode introduced in Halo 3: ODST.


The details from the report, reposted by CVG, have been bulleted on gaming forum NeoGaf. Probably the biggest new addition is Spartan Ops, which seems to be a story-based multiplayer mode akin to Modern Warfare's Spec Ops mode. More content for this mode will apparently be rolled out in the months following launch, creating a multiplayer campaign that rivals the single-player game in length.

Firefight is apparently a multiplayer mode that won't be returning, however. The main story campaign will still be playable with up to four players, fans of Firefight will have to find their enjoyment in other ways. Furthermore, Elites will not be returning to competitive multiplayer, which will focus on battles between Spartan IVs. A new mode called "Regicide" also enters the mix, which apparently "sets the leading scorer as the king." Sounding similar to a variation of VIP, "every opponent that the king kills raises his bounty; other players have to kill the king to claim the reward."

In another newly-reported twist, players will also be able to join matches that are already in-progress. Weapon-spawn camping is also being addressed via the introduction of randomly placed weapon drops. Post-death player respawns are also getting overhauled so that players can instantly get back into the action with a single button press.

Armor abilities like the "hologram, jetpack, and active camo" will reportedly return. "Sprint" seems to be the new default ability (which doesn't have to be purchased). A game-changing armor ability called "Forerunner Vision" is also being introduced, which lets players see through walls.

Spartan Points will be the new in-game currency, and can be used to purchase new Spartan Ops missions, armor, and armor abilities. New medal types--Distraction and Revenge--will also reward players who do things like simply distracting (not necessarily killing) their opponents, or hunt down and pay back a player who recently killed them.

Game Informer subscribers will be able to read more about all this information firsthand when the May edition arrives.