Shadowrun extends goal, adds Riggers

Shadowrun Returns has almost doubled its original $400,000 Kickstarter goal, so Harebrained Schemes chief Jordan Weisman rewarded fans with details on what their added funds will bring, and then set a new crowd-funding goal.

The game, which is already coming to PC, iPhone and Android, will also be coming to Mac, localized in Spanish, French and German, AND will include Riggers, Weisman said in an update on the company site. "We're going to include Rigger characters and the drones they control, dramatically expanding the game play in all sorts of fun ways. Again, these are NOT stretch goals – they're going to be in the game."

The game is set in Seattle, but if the project can hit $1 million in the final 19 days, he said that a second city, to be voted on by the backers, will be added; a more accessible mission editor will be created; and a soundtrack reminiscent of the SNES and Genesis days will be added as well.

Unfortunately, Linux, multiplayer and cooperative play will not be included, but may be looked at as part of a future release.

Weisman talks about the plans in a new update video: