Gabriel Knight writer launches new studio

Jane Jensen made her name writing adventure games for Sierra On-Line many moons ago, particularly the dark Gabriel Knight series. She has re-emerged with her own company, Pinkerton Road, and paired with composer husband Robert Holmes. Her goal is more quality adventure games through "Community Sponsored Gaming" (i.e. Kickstarter).


The fund is already a third of the way to its $300,000 goal, and Jensen plans to leave it up to a backer vote (those donating $30 or more) this weekend as to what the first adventure project will be. She gave the fans three options: Gray Matter 2: "It will be a 3rd person adventure game with a point-and-click mechanic like Gray Matter and an improved magic interface -- and more time playing Dr. Styles!" (art seen above) Moebius: "2D, graphic novel look and feel (like an updated GK1). It will be a 3rd person adventure game with a point-and-click mechanic and lots of sophisticated puzzles." Anglophile Adventure: "High resolution, high detail 2D (resolution set for ipad3) in a realistic cartoony style. Point and click adventure with classic adventure puzzles appropriate to the historical period." Jensen also promises a "casual" and "true adventure" option for the games, allowing an easier road or the traditional Sierra-style path through the games. The game would be available for PC by March 2013. In her first video update, she answers a bunch of questions for backers: