Wasteland 2 gets first concept art

Wasteland 2 has made its first two Kickstarter goals and is marching toward its next one at $2.5 million. To keep up the excitement, inXile Entertainment's chief Brian Fargo is keeping close contact with fans via the game's blog.

Desert Rangers Badge

As a reward to the faithful, he unveiled the first piece of concept art showing off the game's Desert Rangers. In a previous entry, he gave some background on the Rangers for those unfamiliar with their history. Here's a snippet: "Shortly after the nuclear attack began, the Engineers, seeking shelter, took over the federal prison and expelled the prisoners into the desolate desert to complete their sentences. As the weeks passed, they invited the nearby survivalist communities to join them and to help them build a new society. Because of each community's suspicions towards one another, times were difficult at first. But as time nurtured trust, this settlement--which came to be known as Ranger Center--grew to be one of the strongest outposts. Ranger Center even proved powerful enough to repel the hands of rancorous criminals who repeatedly attacked in attempts to reclaim what was once "rightfully theirs." "... Toward this end, the Desert Rangers, in the great tradition of the Texas and Arizona Rangers a century before, were born." Fargo said there is nothing in the budget for PR and marketing and he is relying on the current backers to get the word out for more support so that the company can achieve its next funding goal for a deeper, larger game. The Kickstarter page has the game at $2.2 million with seven days left (not including the more than $47,000 in PayPal donations).