Starlight Inception Kickstarted by Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds developer

The space combat simulation genre has fallen by the wayside in recent years, much to the chagrin of its devoted fans. In an attempt to help close the black hole created by the dearth of such titles, Developer Garry M. Gaber, the designer and director of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, has set up a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to make Starlight Inception at his studio, Escape Hatch Games.

In the pledge-seeking Kickstarter video (below), Gaber recalls "playing the crap out of games like Wing Commander" and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter. The lack of such games in today's market are serving as ample motivation to create something new and fun to help fill that long-neglected gaming need.

The official, top-line description of the game is as follows:

You assume the role of a young space fighter pilot assigned to the star carrier U.S.F. Independence, deploying to hotspots throughout the Solar System during World War IV.

If you want a copy of the game upon release (should it get funded and come to fruition) a mere $15 will get you access to the beta, a digital version of the game on PC or PlayStation Vita, and all launch DLC. Thirty dollars will get you a special edition copy and soundtrack. Donating even more can net you stuff like t-shirts, posters, an official art book, and more.

Development of the game will leverage local Austin talent, as well as paid "local community college students" working under Gaber's direction. The pitch also notes that Escape Hatch Games is also reaching out to the "Wing Commander, X-wing vs. TIE and Galactic Battlegrounds modding communities to give them a chance to contribute to a commercial product."