Republique announced by ex-Halo 4 creative director; Kickstarter starts Monday

In what seems like it will be another exciting crowd-funding exercise with a lot of potential, Camoflaj Games--founded by former Halo 4 creative director, Ryan Payton--has announced a Kickstarter campaign to fund its first major project. The game, which is being developed for iOS, is a tactical stealth game called Republique, in which the player helps a young woman named Hope escape a mysterious, heavily guarded facility.


Players won't simply take direct control of Hope, but instead will view the action through security cameras throughout the facility and help shepherd the young damsel through a number of sticky situations. She begins the game by reaching out to the player via a cell phone she's found, and it's up to the player to help her escape. It's also an incredibly ambitious undertaking, one that Payton expects to be in development for about a year.

Besides his work on Halo 4, Payton also worked on at Kojima Productions on Metal Gear Solid 4, and was one of the team members who pushed for the game's more streamlined control scheme. He's strongly opposed to virtual joysticks in iOS games, and as such, Republique focuses exclusively on touch-screen controls like swiping, pinching, and tapping. Furthermore, Logan--the entity responsible for MGS4's opening cinematics--is also involved in developing the project.

Republique's Kickstarter campaign is expected to kick off this coming Monday, and Payton came to the studio to discuss the game as a guest on this week's episode of the Weekend Confirmed podcast. We were all impressed by what we saw. If you're interested in a fantastic-looking stealth game that's both tactical and portable, Republique is a game you'll probably want to keep an eye on.