The Pinball Arcade coming to PS3 and Vita next week with cross-play

One of the most exciting features of the Vita is the ability to play PS3 games on the go. Games like Wipeout HD, Hustle Kings, and MotorStorm RC offer gamers a unique value by unlocking both versions of the game with a single purchase. The Pinball Arcade for the PlayStation Network is the newest game to take advantage of this cross-play feature, and it will be available next week, on April 10th.


As with Pinball FX 2, the initial download is "free," offering the initial four tables on a trial basis. The game can then be purchased for $9.99, which unlocks both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game. And like the other digital pinball games, The Pinball Arcade will have a heavy focus on DLC. At launch, there will be a pack of two tables for $4.99 (Medieval Madness and Bride of PinBot). DLC purchases will also work across both versions, so a single purchase will unlock content on both the handheld and the console.

Perhaps even more novel than the game's cross-play features is the studio's ambitious post-release content schedule. "Our plan is to release two tables a month for several years," FarSight Studios' Bobby King told the PlayStation.Blog. "A year from now, we'll have over 20!"