Ghost Recon Network to offer multiplatform access to stats and weapons

Not unlike a certain big-name competitor, Ubisoft has announced a companion stats service for the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Called the "Ghost Recon Network," the online service promises to let players "be a spec op 24/7."

Ghost Recon Network will give access to personal performance stats, leaderboards, challenges, friend activity, community updates, heatmaps, and more via the online interface and an upcoming iOS and Android app.

A feature called "GunSmith" will allow players to customize and share their in-game weapons through the mobile app. Ghost Recon Network members will be able to customize weapons "down to their inner parts"in 3D and sync them back to the game. Additionally, players will be able to publish weapons to the GunSmith Gallery and browse other players' gun creations.

Using the Ghost Recon Network app will also unlock additional attachment credits for use in the game. Playing other Ghost Recon games and interacting with "other Ghost Recon experiences" will also unlock additional weapons and skins for use in Future Soldier.

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And while the service is launching alongside Future Soldier, Ubisoft promises that the platform will support "all Ghost Recon titles moving forward." Perhaps if this free service takes off, Ubisoft will be able to consider lucrative subscriptions in the future.