Mario Tennis Open lets you play Super Mario Bros. in a new way

The original Super Mario Bros. is nearly 27 years old. Yet, Nintendo continues to come up with new ways of remixing the iconic 8-bit classic. The legendary platformer is making yet another appearance--this time, in Mario Tennis Open for 3DS.

Nintendo's latest entry in the long-running Mario Tennis franchise includes a "Special Games" mode that adds new tennis gimmicks. Super Mario Tennis, for example, lets you replay levels from the NES game using tennis swings.

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Other mini-games include Ring Shot, Ink Showdown, and Galaxy Rally. Unfortunately, Nintendo has yet to fully realize the cross-promotional potential of Mario Tennis' mini games. For example, how about a mini-game called "Disappointed Asian Parent," where Brain Age's Dr. Kawashima's disembodied head hurls insults and lobs at you?

Mario Tennis Open will be available on the 3DS on May 20th.