Harmonix announces Rock Band Blitz

Harmonix has unveiled its new music game, but this one doesn't iunvolve instruments or playing with your friends. Rock Band Blitz is billed as "fast, loud and silly" and is a major departure from what the company has done previously.

Harmonix project Director Matthew Nordahus told X-play that the game is not so much about musical authenticity. It is an arcade game where the player can play all the musical tracks with a controller. Players can jump between tracks to get powerups and multipliers.

Blitz will work with the more than 3,700 songs previously released by Harmonix, but will also have 25 of its own songs that can be played in Rock Band 3.

The game will launch this summer on PSN and Xbox Live. The company also plans to release weekly DLC and will work with all the Rock Band games.