Writer chosen for film adaptation of 1980s Rampage game

It was King Kong meets Godzilla meets Twilight (OK, no vampire), but the 1980s arcade game Rampage was a quarter waster back in the day. New Line Cinema announced in November that it was bringing the game to the big screen, hoping to get the attention of all the gamers who spent too many hours destroying cities and innocent civilians.

The movie company has finally hired a writer, Ryan Engle, to do the adaptation for the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. John Rickard had already been chosen to produce. For those unfamiliar with the arcade game, three humans get transformed into a giant ape, giant wolf and giant lizard and wreak havoc on the unsuspecting countryside.

Apparently, New Line has this project as a high priority for some reason, with the studio "hoping to make an Independence Day-style picture on a smart budget." I'm sure we all have high hopes for an engrossing story and compelling characters for this one, destined for a straight-to-video release.