Insomniac loves pinball, but canceled game

It's not too often you hear about aborted game projects five years after the fact, but Insomniac Games decided to offer a little bit of history when it updated it's Facebook timeline to include a project it started work on in January 2007.

Entitled 1080Pinball, it was supposed to be a downloadable game that ran at 1080p and 60fps. Insomniac wanted the most realistic pinball physics to date, taking such things into account as the weight of the ball and the friction of the table. For quite awhile, the company had a number of pinball machines in the office, and even created a (Pin)Ballz music video just for fun (see below).

The game was to feature original table designs, and even "a 'Gran Turismo' level of progression, deeper than any other Pinball game at the time." Unfortunately, Insomniac stopped developing the game in mid-2007 and said it has no plans to revisit it.

The developers will talk about the game on a future podcast, but in the meantime, enjoy the artwork they had created.