BioWare enamored with Kinect after Mass Effect 3

If you listen to Weekend Confirmed, you probably heard Jeff Cannata raving about the Kinect functionality in Mass Effect 3. It was dubbed as "Better with Kinect," and that title doesn't seem to be an empty marketing gesture if BioWare's own enthusiasm for the device is any indication.

"It feels like the future of interactive storytelling," executive producer Casey Hudson told OXM. "You're just talking to a character, and you're going deeper into their conversation, asking them questions and telling them things and after it's over you pick up the controller, and it's a cold piece of plastic, and you think 'this is the old way, and what I was doing was the future'."

He says giving oral squad commands frees up your thumbs, but the company was particularly excited about the conversation system. "It's very fortunate how it works with the existing system, which is that we have paraphrases. Speak those paraphrases, and they trigger that line," he said. "Once you start doing that, you realise you're using different mental pathways to interact with the game. You're not pressing buttons to talk, you're talking to talk."

We're not sure what BioWare has up its sleeves next, but given the company's tendency to use conversation trees, using Kinect seems like a likely bet.