Minecraft 1.2.5 patch pre-release available

Mojang is getting ready to release the 1.2.5 update for Minecraft, but doesn't want to inconvenience the mod community. So rather than roll out the update all at once, the company is making a pre-release of the patch available now, with the "real" update coming in a few days.

"We are aware that many of you use modded clients or play on the bukkit server implementation, and that patches causes a lot of overhead for you," Jens Bergensten said on the company blog "Neither are officially supported of course, but it's not in our interest to make it hard for people to play the game." With the pre-release, Mojang hopes to give modders and bukkit a head start.

So what's new in this upcoming update? You'll find a few bug fixes, like chat crashes, world generation and sound issues, and village door detection. Plus, it tweaks the block selection in Creative Mode, Mooshrooms use, and punching TNT blocks with flint and steel. Hilariously, three of the patch notes are about cat behaviors: wild ocelots no longer behave like tamed cats, and tame cats are both less eager to sit on things (less realistic) and less patient (more realistic).