Anomaly: Warzone Earth invades XBLA next week

Pleasing reverse-tower defense Anomaly: Warzone Earth has already invaded PC, Mac, iOS and Android, and now a date has been set for its Xbox 360 campaign: April 6, almost exactly a year after its first strike. It'll launch at 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Anomaly, if you've missed it on other platforms, involves leading your armoured convoy deep into enemy territory to stop an alien invasion. Like in a tower defense, paths are laid out and fortified with turrets, but you're playing the aggressor, directing your squad's route to hit weak points. You expand and upgrade your forces along the way, grabbing resources and powerups.

Developed by 11 Bit Studios, it's all jolly good fun. Don't just take my word on it, mind. Our Jeff enjoyed it too, reviewing the PC edition.

But how does one control such a strategic game on a console? For those who are not averse to humour, and humorous videos especially, here's a fictional yet comedic video exploring the issue:

BOOM video 12349