Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet PC release includes free DLC

If you're running late to a date, it would be nice to pick up a box of chocolates as a kind gesture. That's how the Fuelcell Games folks feel, and that's why the upcoming PC release of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet will include all the console DLC when it releases.

For the uninitiated, ITSP is a Metroidvania-esque shooter that originally debuted on Xbox Live Arcade last year. Since then, a PC version of the game was spotted by the ESRB. And only now is its release confirmed.

Speaking to Nintendojo (via Joystiq), Michel Gagne revealed that "the PC version is coming very soon."

"It's going to be a more complete game. The base version on the PC is going to include the full DLC as well." Gagne said that the co-op Shadow Hunters expansion pack got so little play time on the Xbox 360, that he's excited to see a new audience approach it.

There's no date yet, but Gagne admitted that the game is "all done. It's certified. It's ready to go."