Okabu expanding into free-to-play iOS and Android game

Okabu, Handcircus' adorable puzzle-platformer starring clouds, didn't garner much critical fanfare when it debuted on PlayStation 3 last year. While it looked charming, critics were disappointed by the shallow gameplay.

Handcircus isn't done with the franchise, however. Instead, it's giving it another chance by creating a new game for iOS and Android.

The developers have been working on a prototype for a new free-to-play game set in the Okabu universe since October, Simon Oliver told The Guardian (via Touch Arcade). "We wanted to retain ownership of the IP so we could build something that we knew would work across different platforms," he said.

Okabu's simple gameplay and Handcircus' experience on touch devices (Rolando) should make for an easy transition to mobile platforms. The developer is currently looking for a publishing partner, and the game should be available by the end of the year.